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Holy Trinity Cathedral

After construction of the Nativity  Churches, St. Seraphim asked Elena Vasilievna Manturova to buy a plot of land near the Kazan Church. Father  Seraphim  willed Her brother Mikhail Vasilyevich to keep the land  at all costs. It was intended to build the five-domed cathedral, about which Reverend exclaimed: "What a Cathedral then we will have! Wonder! .. Much better than Sarov's one and they will envy us! "

Subsequently, Mikhail Vasilyevich had to fight with Ivan Tikhonov, who wanted to place the cathedral on his own. But still was laid at the location specified by the Great Elder at 5/18 June 1848

Construction of the cathedral was  almost not conducted until 1865, while the Abbess Maria became unable to fix monastery economy. The money donated to the cathedral were not reached because of the turmoil  and construction continued at small facilities. The plant was Arranged close to the monastery land and began to make his bricks.

It was originally supposed to consecrate the cathedral in honor of the icon "Tenderness" Mother of God, but the Bishop of Novgorod Ioanniky defined it for the glory of Holy and Life-Giving Trinity. That this was God's good pleasure, was proved by particular sign, when the Holy Cross was installed in 1874, in full view of all present three white doves above the cross in height and three Cranes below them  hovered  making the uniform circles...

A lot of miracles were in a newly built cathedral. In winter it was boarded up, but inside the sounds of ongoing work were heard. Sometimes, an unusual light above the cathedral was seen in the evening or at night. In 1875 Bishop Ioanniky suddenly decided to consecrate the monastery cathedral with only three essential icons.

The dedication day coincided with the holiday of icon "Tenderness" Seraphim Diveevo - 28 july/10 August. In honor of this icon  the lower right aisle  was consecrated in 1880, 2/15 June. 3/16 June 1884 consecrated the right of the altar in the name of the choir of Our Lady of Vladimir, of Orange, and the next day - the left aisle of the choir after the third acquisition of John the Baptist. The lower-left aisle Abbess Maria left unconsecrated for 28 years, with faith expecting praise priest Seraphim. 22 July / August 4, 1903, immediately after the canonization of Saint, a chapel was consecrated.

The author of the project was the architect of the cathedral A.I. Rezanov, student of Academician K.D. Ton, who finished the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow after the death of the teacher. This is probably why we can notice the similarities with the Moscow Cathedral of the Trinity church.

The interior decoration of the cathedral have been continued for many years. The walls were decorated with wonderful canvases on themes of the Old and New Testament by Diveevo's sisters. Decoration of the cathedral amazed with elegance and taste. A large crucifix was found in the sanctuary behind the altar on the backdrop of scenic pictures. Image of the Savior, bringing himself a sacrifice for the sins of the world, has produced a special impression on people entering the temple.

The miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Tenderness" is in Trinity Cathedral before which always knelt, prayed and died Father Seraphim. In this image the Virgin is shown at the time of pronouncing words to archangel Gabriel at the Annunciation: "Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it unto me according to thy word." Many were healed by Reverend, anointing with oil of the lamps in front of the Queen of Heaven icon. Diveevo's sisters were told by Father: "I entrust you to Queen of Heaven's Tenderness (icon), She will not leave you!" And now with a copy of the icon, written in the early XX century, and also the miraculous, takes pride of place in the Holy Trinity Cathedral in the right of Kyoto, as an indication the fact that the Supreme Abbess of Diveevo monastery is our Most Holy Mother of God.  Every Sunday before the Liturgy Chapel is served in front the icon.

Last vigil was  served by monk at the Nativity of the Virgin September 21, 1927 before dispersal of monastery, who found himself in Diveevo after dispersal of Sarov monastery, as  all Diveevo priests were arrested that day.

 Trinity Church was handed to the church community in October 1989. The cross was erected in the spring of 1990 when the rainbow was shining in the clear sky. Service at the Cathedral resumed on Saturday Praise of the Blessed Virgin Mary in April 1990, when the main aisle was consecrated. From 1 January 1991 the service is daily committed in the main Diveevo cathedral.

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