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History of  Diveevo 

Diveevo village of Nizhny Novgorod Region is located on the bank of the river Vichkinza, 180 km from Nizhny Novgorod, 65 km from Arzamas, 12 km from Sarov. Is a major administrative center.

The village appeared in 1559. The name was given by the first owner - Tatar nobleman Divey son of Moksha Butakov. Ivan the Terrible granted Divey the princely title and gave arable land on the river Vichkinza after the victory over the Tartars  for  the military merit

In the second half of the 18th century Diveevo was a small village with a wooden church in honor of St. Nicholas and Archdeacon Stephen. The church stood at the intersection of roads that led to Sarov. Pilgrims stopped to rest at Diveevo church on their way to Sarov monastery. The founder of Seraphim Diveevo monastery Agatha S. Melgunova was one of them.

In the 19th century the village was owned by many owners, among them were Motovilovs, Tolstaya, Sisianov, Batashovs, Zhdanovs, Shahaevs. Diveevo is known as the fourth and final destiny of the Mother of God. On this holy land the Holy Trinity Seraphim Diveevo women convent is situated.

Diveevo Monastery was build up over century and a half. It began with a stone Kazan Church, built in 1773-80. 

With the blessing of St. Seraphim Kazan Church was added with Nativity Church (1829) and the Nativity of the Virgin (1830). Trinity Cathedral was erected at the center of the monastery in 1865-75 years . In line with it  raised a five-tiered bell tower  at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries . On both sides of the Trinity Cathedral the housing with the abbot's home church in honor of Mary Magdalene and the Alexander Nevsky refectory church  were built at the end of the nineteenth century . The Trinity Cathedral of the Transfiguration was build in the early twentieth century(1907-1916 years).

Holy relics of Heavenly patrons: St. Seraphim of Sarov, the reverend's wife Alexandra Diveevskaya , Martha, and Helen, blessed Pelagia Diveevskaya, Paraskeva and Mary  rests in the church of the monastery. The Holy Canal is one of the brightest  Diveevo's shrines. It is a prayerful spiritual focus of the Fourth inheritance of the Virgin, her heart. 

In 2003, the Orthodox Church and the Russian state celebrated the 100th anniversary of St. Seraphim glorification among the saints, and in 2004 - the 250th anniversary of his birth. In connection with these celebrations most of the temples and buildings of the monastery were renovated and old Kazan church almost completely restored (restored in its original form). The  Holy Canal has become as a saint St Seraphim prescribed. Diveevo's lands are famed by it's Holy springs: Mother Alexandra, the Iberian Mother of God, Our Lady of Kazan, St. Seraphim of Sarov, the phenomena of the Mother of God and others.

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