Поездка в Дивеево

Пятница, 19.04.2019, 11:28

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Arrival and accommodation in Diveevo.

  You are interested in visiting our great holy places? But you are not sure how to get here and where to stay for the night? Talk to us! We will meet you at the station in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod airport (and other cities of your choice). Deliver with Comfort to Diveevo and find a hotel for You. We can organize a car trip to visit holy springs and other holy places distant from Diveevo.  You can visit all the temples, sacred springs, gain healing water and even swim in it, completely free and without time limits. At the end of this exciting trip we shall take you back.

Trip to Diveevo is convenient and profitable with us!

Got questions? Feel free to contact by e-mail: slnk@inbox.ru
Kirill (english-speaking) phone: +7 908 166 68 14 (we use Moscow time)

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