Поездка в Дивеево

Пятница, 19.04.2019, 11:30

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Holy Canal

Holy Canal takes  special place among all Diveevo shrines. St. Seraphim said that the Queen of Heaven measured with her belt and daily walks on Canal, bypassing her inheritance and blessing all. That is why you would spend at least a day and night in Diveevo to be blessed by Mother of God which walks on Canal at night. Hieromartyr Seraphim, Bishop of Dmitrov (Zvezdinsky), who lived for a time in Diveevo monastery was granted vision of Our Lady, going on Canal at February 2, 1927. His cell attendant Anna indicates that the Hieromartyr Seraphim  after evening service was in his cell, and suddenly rushed to the window with unceasing prayer exclamations, then to another window: "Most Holy Mother of God is walking on Canal! I can not Her beauty! ". - Said Seraphim with tears.

This Canal is up to Heaven. Monk said: "Who pass Canal repeating Mother of God prayer for 150 times will get everything here: Athos and Jerusalem and Kiev," " Visitors will be coming to us, take small pieces of clay from Canal for healing and it will be for us instead of gold! "

All sisters walks on Canal every day in the evening, after the evening meal, carrying the icon of Our Lady of Tenderness in front. St. Seraphim said that Antichrist will not pass Canal. A lot of people understand it spiritually (in particular,  Seraphim (Zvezdinsky thought so)) - who will read Mother of God prayer  those souls wouldn't be overcame by Antichrist.

After closing Diveevo Monastery Holy Canal suffered much damage. It was razed in many places, in some places it was cut by the various communications. It began to recover in 1997.

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