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Nativity of the Virgin

After the dedication of the Nativity of Christ church, Father Seraphim  called  M.V.Manturov and greeted him with the words: "We have done bad with you, sir, because we built a temple of the Nativity of the Savior, but we don't have temple for the name of the Virgin! And the Queen of Heaven, then, angered with me humble Seraphim and said: "My Son is honored and I had forgotten!" So here is what I came up with, my dear, is it possible to make a church under the church? Do it, sir, and will have two churches with you ... "

The Reverend gave a thread to measure, and Mikhail started to work. It Had to dig into the ground, digging came just  to the measure. Since the vault ceiling was very flat and low, it was necessary to put the four stone pillars, so that it can hold. When Mikhail reported about this, Father Seraphim was filled with unspeakable joy and spiritual ecstasy exclaimed: "In-in, my joy! Four pillars - four relics ... Four pillars - because it means four relics we will rest here! This is the tomb of the relics will be with us, sir! Waugh, a joy to us is! "

Church of the Nativity was built in the summer of 1830. So Seraphim asked Helen  Manturova  and St. Basil toeaten go to Nizhny Novgorod for permission from the bishop to consecrate a new church of the Nativity of the Virgin.

The church was consecrated on September 8/21, 1830, at the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and was the second temple of monastery Mill. The church was reconsecrated in October 21, 1992.In 1991, after a long break an inextinguishable lamp again ignited, and from this time, sisters read incessantly Psalms day and night .

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