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Пятница, 19.04.2019, 11:34

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Cathedral of the Transfiguration

The monastery had a legend that Father Seraphim commanded to build second  cathedral at the end of the Holy Canal in line with the Holy Trinity. Ivan Tikhon Tolstosheev, disposed of all in Diveevo after the death of the Reverend, built  Tikhvin church  on this place. At the beginning of the century there were services in the winter, but it was too narrow and has deteriorated badly. When the question of construction of a new cathedral appeared, Abbess Alexandra (Trakovskaya), elected after the death of Abbess Maria Ushakova in 1904, did not want to break the existing Tikhvin Church (burnt down later  in 1928), and the cathedral laid at the side opposite to the beginig of The Holy Canal.Young abbess had not consulted with a blissful Praskovya Ivanovna. When cathedral  has already been laid in 1907, blessed said, "Cathedral-a cathedral, and I saw, risen cherry on the corners of the cathedral, as if not overwhelmed."  It was too late to change anything, and these words were not passed, and said, "Bless."

Cathedral was built on large donations F.V. Dolgintsev, Artsybushev brothers and others. The temple was built in the neo-Russian style by architect A.E. Antonov, technician-builder was Alexander Rumyantsev (later died in the camps in the years of repression.) The architectural appearance of the temple gives a sense of its extraordinary lightness, airiness and tall to the heavens. Walls  inside  were painted from floor to ceiling by sisters of icon painting workshop led by Palekh artist P. Parilov. In 1916, construction was mainly completed, there were iconostasis, and all utensils. Then they realized that forgot to arrange heating. This consecration of the cathedral drew off for a year, but with the beginning of the revolution consecration have already failed.

Desolation reigned the cathedral for years, there was a garage then shooting. There were trees on the roof as predicted by the blessed Praskovya Ivanovna. In 1991, the Cathedral was handed to reviving monastery and its recovery continued for few years. Consecration of the high altar was held on 3 September 1998, in honor of the Transfiguration. (In the old monastery wooden Transfiguration Church was at the cemetery in the eastern corner of the grooves, where school is build now) Also the right chapel was consecrated in 1998 in honor of Archangel Michael cathedral and all the Heavenly Bodiless, and left after all Saints (such chapels were previously in Tikhvin Church).

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